Green, cold, and creamy! Everything is powered by electricity!

Isabella’s Ice Cream is committed to doing business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Dominic Johnson posed the question, “Why doesn’t someone design a safe, open, and welcome ice cream truck?” over two years ago. Dominic, with the blessing of his wife Kristel, set out to develop such a truck after learning there was a market need for it. Dominic came up with the idea of utilising the classic design of a vintage Ford Model T after hundreds of hours of brainstorming and research. This fantastic design appeals to individuals of all ages, and the open side walls provide a sense of security that is lacking in today’s trucks.

Isabella’s has chosen to “Go Green” in keeping with our core beliefs. “Delicious and Good for the Earth,” says our 100 percent electric truck, which emits zero emissions. The truck’s sides and floorboards were fashioned entirely of recycled basketball flooring (I was told from the University of Arizona McKale Center). We use biodegradable wooden utensils, recycled napkins, and recyclable glass bottles to serve drinks.

GLOBAL SOLAR, a Tucson-based company, developed thin film Solar Modules, which Isabella’s Ice Cream is thrilled to use. Special thanks to GLOBAL SOLAR for all of their assistance.

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